Unlock your data value

As an advanced analytics consulting firm, we address all types of data issues.

We work alongside our clients to strengthen their digital skills, automate their processes, and build new analytics capabilities.

Our vision : data is key to innovation, productivity and competitive advantage.


Data & Model Analysis

  • By gaining insight into their data
  • By deploying new models and algorithms in production,
  • By solving existing technical challenges.

Digital Transformation - Business Intelligence

We combine business analytics, data mining, data visualisation, and best practices. So organisations can solve complex data, and business challenges, and make more data-driven decisions.

Non-technical professionals have a comprehensive view of their data. Business leaders take faster and more pertinent decisions. Their team adapt quicker to a changing environement. They are able to provide a high-quality service at a lower cost.

Digital Transformation - Robotic Process Automation

For example:

  • To address the limitations of their current technologies and processes;
  • To collect, clean and validate data to automatically run a model and publish its outputs;
  • To draft, review and sign contracts, forms or any documents.

It results in faster outputs, higher availability and higher efficiency meaning better customers’ feedbacks and lower running costs.

Validation, Audit & Management of AI Models

In production, an AI model makes decision previously carried out by humans. We therefore need to set-up a framework to constantly validate this decision-making processes.
  • Our experts step-in to check the robustness of a model developed by your internal teams:
  • Our experts assist auditors in establishing the right governance.
  • Our experts help internal controllers in monitoring the production environment and the robustness of the models.
By understanding the risks, an organisation builds trust and accelerates the adoption of its algorithms.

Coaching, Project management

By intervening upstream of a big-data project, we assist you in identifying the opportunities your digital transformation bring.

  • Project design: You understand best your business’ issues, we bring knowledge of the technologies and the algorithms available, thanks to our permanent vielle. By working together, we conceive new innovative solutions, build a roadmap and help in its implementation.
  • Strategic review of your best project opportunities

Furthermore, our senior experts can coach your young and talented data teams who may lack experience in complex data transformations.

  • We help develop your internal data teams to level-up their data skills, to anticipate future difficulties in order to deliver solutions faster.
  • We suggest best practices, diagnose performances issues and discuss alternative solutions
  • We can even assit with your hiring process.

Alternatively, our consultants can directly implement and deliver components of your new architecture.

Thanks to our experience, we have been able to successfully re-launched failing data and industrialisation projects.


Data Science

Data Strategy

To create value from their data, companies need a proper legal and governance framework in place. dataLearning combines a business understanding with strong technical skills. We provide high standard strategy consulting and onsite skilled resources.

Data Architecture

Data Architecture & Implementation

From data silos to data lake, each problem is unique. We provide onsite consultants to infuse a data-driven culture together with your teams. We take part in data-driven projects and provide expertise on specific projects. Our experts and partners can help with your IT infrastructure, security, coding, and change management.

Data Visualisation

Algorithms & Models

Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, optimisation, statistics, advanced analytics, NLP, time series… We install algorithms to drive smart predictions combining structured and unstructured data. We use Proof of Concepts to test our solutions. We work with academic research teams to develop more advanced projects.

Our methodology: two-steps process to solve problems

Our clients deal with complex systems and processes, and need help when it comes to digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence.
Our method relies upon a set of practices to help them succeed in intricate environments.

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”

Charles F. Kettering

Design Thinking

This approach focuses on empathy, definition of the problem, ideation, prototypes, and testing. We work with our clients and our teams to come-up with creative, and solvable ideas.

Agile Philosophy

Together with our client, managers and experts, we solve problems in an iterative and agile manner. As such, we assign clear, short-term tasks which our team must do.​

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