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Our Management Team

“Everyone needs a deeper set of data skills and analytical capabilities, which is the reason why dataLearning was founded.”

Christophe Le Lannou

Christophe Le Lannou

I studied Mathematics at the Ecole Polytechnique, and then Engineering at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, both in Paris. I spent the first 17 years of my working career in the finance sector. In particular, for 5 of these years, I was head of quantitative research and trading at Carrousel Capital, a large London based hedge-fund. I also spent over a year as a mentor at the Cambridge Judge Business School, where I provided advice and support to young business ventures. At present, I am also an external lecturer at the Toulouse Business School on quantitative finance and data visualisation. I have also just recently co-written the course on Machine Learning for the CFA Level II. Founding dataLearning, and being the CEO since its creation in 2014, has been an exciting and enriching experience.

Jean-Baptiste Caillau

Jean-Baptiste Caillau

I carry out my passion for science as a professional mathematician. As a Professor at Université Côte d’Azur, I am affiliated with CNRS and Inria, leading institutes in mathematics, computer science, and AI. For more than 20 years, I have been involved in industrial projects, with partners such as the French Space Agency, EADS, Thalès, and more recently startups of the French Riviera ecosystem. My expertise is more particularly centered on optimisation and control, with a definite taste for geometric insights and computations.
I have been with dataLearning since its foundation as a mathematical expert. I create models and algorithms to efficiently solve large scale problems. My strong academic background means I am able to constantly be in touch with the newest research in machine learning.

“When I grow up, I’ll do optimal control.”

“It’s been rewarding and exciting building a close relationship with our clients to help them grow and flourish.”
Anne Bioche
Talent Acquisition & Communication Manager
Anne Bioche

Discover our world: our ethics, our team and community

We place people at the center of our business values.

By taking simplicity as a sign of excellence, we at dataLearning partner our clients with  trust, and transparency. We strongly believe that such an environment fosters expertise and commitment. We trust in delivering the best solutions for our clients.

Founded in London in 2014, dataLearning is an Advanced Analytics consulting firm, based both in the UK and France. By intertwining innovation, human ingenuity, and data intelligence, we partner with businesses to ensure their full potential in the digital era.




Continuous Learning

by design

The ethical, technological, legal, and socio-economic aspects of Artificial Intelligence in business are of the utmost importance for dataLearning. We hold strong social corporate values which we place at the center of our actions, and missions, with our clients.

To give but one example, Artificial Intelligence algorithms are trained using historical datasets. These are likely to be partially, or inherently biased. For this reason, we continuously adjust our algorithms to ensure they accurately represent reality.

We also audit the decisions of our autonomous systems to ensure we have ethical outputs which are in line with our social corporate values.

Our Community

People are our greatest asset

The strong sense of community drives us to share, to go further, and to improve, by building off one another.

Our working environment nourishes collaboration, empathy, mentoring, and continuous learning.

A community of data experts

The Franco-British Data Society, founded in 2018, is a networking platform which gathers numerous backgrounds, from data experts, to lawyers, academics, start-ups, banking institutions, and government entities, to discuss all aspects of data. The FBDS’s actions and events promote cooperation on, and understanding of, data issues between France and the United Kingdom.

Franco-British Data Society

A community of partners

Our network of external partners, composed of leaders specialised in specific algorithms, specific technologies or experts driving change- processes in organisations, is continually pushing us to think further, in fresh and innovative ways.

Our latest blog posts

Event the existential risks of AI co organised by Natixis and the FBDS
Anne Bioche

Existential Risks of AI

Webinar co-organised by the Franco-British Data Society and Natixis on the existential risks of AI on November 21st

Webinar co-organised by Dassault Systèmes and the Franco-British data Society
Anne Bioche

Digitisation of nuclear

Webinar co-organised by the Franco-British Data Society and Dassault Systèmes on Digitisation of Nuclear on May 30th

Anne Bioche

AI and Regulation

“AI and Regulation” – Webinar organised by the Franco-British Data Society”

data and security
Pierre Ibarra

Authentication with Tibco Spotfire®

Authentication has become a major challenge for data management, whether to secure access to sensitive information or to ensure a level of reliability in its use. With Tibco Spotfire®, this problem is even more important as this solution allows you to carry out in-depth analysis using data from multiple sources.


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