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How to develop deep learning solutions?

Artificial intelligence Machine Learning Business Internet Technology Concept

Master the functioning of a neural network and the associated algorithms to develop Deep Learning solutions


Deep Learning is now one of the main technologies of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Deep Learning algorithms will gradually collect and understand information to create new knowledge, using and connecting neurons together.

If it remains more and more important, Deep Learning calls on complex concepts which can, if not well mastered, hinder the good management of projects.

course objectives

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Understand deep learning algorithms and acquire the basics to develop solutions integrating these technologies.
  • Learn about TensorFlow, Pytorch and OpenAI gym.

In-house training: the exercises and data can be adapted to the participants’ business specificities.

Contact us directly to organise an in-house session

Quant, IT Quant, Data Scientist, Data Expert

course instructor
Jean-Baptiste Caillau
Jean-Baptiste Caillau

Chief Scientist

Professor of applied mathematics.
Teacher at the University of Cote d ́Azur and Polytech Nice Sophia. CNRS / INRIA researcher.


4 to 12 participants

3 to 9 participants

Intra-company only

course length

2 days – 14h

course fees

Price : 850£ / pers.
In-house : on request

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Photos: Patrice Negros, Adobe Stock