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Empowering Success Through Advanced Analytics

Your trusted partner in analytics consulting, seamlessly integrating business intelligence, advanced analytics, and technology to foster transformative solutions and drive unparalleled excellence.


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Client stories

Machine Learning

Successfully developed machine learning algorithms leveraging extensive medical databases, achieving accurate prediction of dementia. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to delivering impactful advancements in healthcare technology.

Data Governance

Designed and implemented a robust data architecture and governance framework, collaborating with over 200 business users. This initiative reflects our dedication to establishing effective data management practices and fostering collaboration for optimised business intelligence.


Crafted and coded impactful digital products aimed at enhancing client performance and driving business success. Our design and coding expertise reflect our commitment to delivering enduring solutions that make a lasting difference in the digital landscape.

Business Intelligence

Empowered business experts to seamlessly comprehend and make informed decisions on disparate data from multiple sources. Our approach emphasises accessibility and clarity, ensuring effective utilisation of diverse data for decisive business actions.

Process Automation

Engineered a digital platform for process automation, scaling a proprietary operation and achieving a remarkable 700% increase in productivity. The implementation includes comprehensive auditability, exemplifying our commitment to efficient, transparent, and scalable solutions.

Data Academy

Boosted teams through our Data Academy, upskilling over 450 professionals in data analysis and visualisation. Our training programs exemplify a commitment to empowering your workforce with cutting-edge skills for enhanced data-driven decision-making.

Why dataLearning?


Top-tier senior experts for complex data projects, offering strategic guidance.
Drawing upon extensive technical expertise and a keen understanding of business needs, our senior experts have successfully collaborated in many different projects with both large companies and startups across diverse sectors, including finance, insurance, auditing, retail, healthcare, and the environment.

Time to market

A unique execution speed and an ability to advance complex projects while avoiding their failure
In close collaboration with your teams, we engage with intricate data projects that may be at a standstill or experiencing a slowdown. We swiftly create tailored solutions, and ensure a finely tuned solution that aligns seamlessly with market demands.

Agile philosophy

A two-steps process to solve problems
Our customer-centred approach focuses on empathy, collaborative streams, ideation, prototypes and testing. Together clients, managers and experts solve problems in an iterative and collaborative manner.


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