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training program

Founding Principles of Machine Learning

Filet symbolisant les fondements du machine learning

Understand and master the founding principles of Machine Learning

course objectives

At the end of the training, you will be able to :

  • Understand the challenges of Machine Learning;
  • Understand the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of supervised (SVM, LASSO), unsupervised (K-Means, spectral clustering), and reinforcement learning (Q-learning, policy iteration) learning.

In-house training: the exercises and data can be adapted to the participants’ business specificities.


Anyone with a technical background wishing to quickly become operational in Data Science and Machine Learning.

course instructor
Jean-Baptiste Caillau

Chief Scientist

Professor of applied mathematics.
Teacher at the University of Cote d ́Azur and Polytech Nice Sophia. CNRS / INRIA researcher.

Call to action

8 to 12 participants

8 to 12 participants

InIndividual, inter/intra-company

course length

2 days – 14h

course fees

Price : 850£ / pers.
In-house : on demand


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Photos: Patrice Negros, Adobe Stock