training program

Founding Principles of Machine Learning

Understand and master the founding principles of Machine Learning

course objectives

At the end of the training, you will be able to :

  • Understand the challenges of Machine Learning;
  • Understand the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of supervised (SVM, LASSO), unsupervised (K-Means, spectral clustering), and reinforcement learning (Q-learning, policy iteration) learning.

In-house training: the exercises and data can be adapted to the participants’ business specificities.


Anyone with a technical background wishing to quickly become operational in Data Science and Machine Learning.

course instructor
Jean-Baptiste Caillau

Chief Scientist

Professor of applied mathematics.
Teacher at the University of Cote d ́Azur and Polytech Nice Sophia. CNRS / INRIA researcher.

Call to action

8 to 12 participants

8 to 12 participants

InIndividual, inter/intra-company

course length

2 days – 14h

course fees

Price : 850£ / pers.
In-house : on demand