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Our Solutions

In a world increasingly shaped by algorithms,
we are committed to deliver effective business solutions
data Architecture

Batch processing or real time streaming?
Cloud or on premises?
From data silos to data lake,
there is not one solution that fits all cases. We guide you to find the right technology, matching your needs and your people.

data Management

Data is an asset
but in order to create value from data, you need a proper legal and governance framework in place.
We do an inventory of your data; we defined the right processes and controls so you have a valuable catalogue.
Using dashboards and visualisation tools, you can discover new insights.

data Science

Machine Learning,
artificial intellingence,
optimisation, statistics,
advanced analytics,
Starting from a proof of concept,
we implement algorithms to drive smart predictions combining structured and unstructured data.
More advanced projects are developed in partnerships with academic research.


We like to create a knowledge sharing culture.
We provide on-site training on big data technology, data visualisation, data science, and workshops on how to become a data driven company.

Our team

A team of senior consultants, experts in data management, big data infrastructure and mathematical algorithms, devoted to helping you benefit from the digital revolution.
Michael Butcher
Michael Butcher
Christophe Le Lannou
Christophe Le Lannou
CEO & Founder
Mikaël Dautrey
Mikaël Dautrey
Infrastructure Expert
Marion Henry
Marion Henry
Administration – Documents Management
Jean-Baptiste Caillau
Jean-Baptiste Caillau
Mathematical Expert


To deliver the most effective and efficient solutions, we worked with a network of specialists

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