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Get your team digital ready

Infuse a data culture

Help your team grow and flourish

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Business Experts

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Our Training Program

Upskill your team: Our academy offers professional training on Soft Skills, Data and Technology. 

Course’s content can be tailored to your team’s prior knowledge and expertise.

Jean-Baptiste Caillau

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is now one of the main technologies of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Jean-Baptiste Caillau

Python for Data Science

Python has become a language of choice for scientists, due to its simplicity of implementation and the richness of its ecosystem, in particular thanks to its numerous and efficient digital calculation libraries often developed by scientists themselves.

Practical Details


Prior to each training program, we meet with HR and Business Managers to:

  • Identify the objective of this course
  • Analyse the capacities, and needs, of our audience
  • Identify the best suited format for our audience 
  • Plan and organise all necessary tools 

Timing & Format

  • Sessions are from half-day sessions up to two full days
  • Face-to-face or remote teaching
  • Inter or intra company sessions
  • Sessions can be delivered either in French or in English


Each session includes:

  • Case studies to work in group
  • Practical cases explained by the trainer
  • Knowledge assessment at the end of the training
  • Series of presentations and exercises looked at in class
  • Evaluation Form questionnaire

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