Human Ingenuity, Data Intelligence

dataLearning is an advanced Analytics Consulting Firm

By intertwining innovation, human ingenuity, and data intelligence, dataLearning partners with businesses to ensure their full potential in the digital era.

dataLearning is a data-driven consulting firm which addresses all types of data challenges. We work alongside our clients to strengthen their digital skills, automate their processes, and build new analytics capabilities. 

Our vision : data is key to innovation, productivity and competitive advantage.                                                                 Our experts will help you unlock your data value and reach your full performance in the digital era.

Our Offer

Research and Development

Out experts use and implement data sets and new technologies to develop fresh solutions which improve efficiency and solve existing challenges.

“We guide you to find the right technology and offer you tailored solutions matching your needs and your people.” Mikaël Dautrey


Digital Transformation

We partner  with our clients to address  the limitations of their current technology and  processes by optimising existing technological platforms or building new ones. 

“Working with top Managers of financial institutions based both in France and in the UK has exposed us to exciting challenges.” Christophe Le Lannou

Teaching and Training

Our dedicated team can help your staff increase their data literacy and develop a culture of learning. We give our clients the necessary tools for continuous, sustainable self-improvement so they may stay ahead in a fast changing world. 

“It’s been rewarding to  train more than 300 people in less than a year and become a Spotfire partner.” Jean-Baptiste Caillau

Our areas of expertise

Data Architecture & Data Management

From data silos to data lake, there is not one solution that fits all cases. Each problem is unique. 

Data is an asset, but in order to create value from data, you need a proper legal and governance framework in place. We do an inventory of your data; we define the right processes and controls so you have a valuable catalogue. 

Data Visualisation

Analytics in one Agile BI, interactive dashboards, no coding, no clusters…

To help you overcome the massive flow of data and understand it, we guide you to easily transform complex data into instant insights.

Data Science

Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, optimisation, statistics, advanced analytics…

Starting from a proof of concept, we implement algorithms to drive smart predictions combining structured and unstructured data. More advanced projects are developed in partnership with academic research.

Specialised in financial data

Strong business knowledge combined with data and technical expertise

Onsite expertise

Onsite experts to infuse a data-driven culture to your team

Technology platform

Build a technology platform to scale a proprietary indexes operation and increase productivity by 700%

Data workshops

Over 300 people trained from 10 companies located across France and the UK

Specific Algorithms

Developed Machine learning algorithms to streamline our client’s workflow

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